You are the light of the sun On the face of the moon; You shine in the sky Like a sun at high noon. Still, your dark can’t be hidden It bares such bountiful side; Like a full moon that’s rising Pulling high and low tide. The yin and the yang, Like a man and … More ENSO


A revelation is a revolution of the mind. Behold what’s inside; Seek and you’ll find. Start planting seeds and pulling weeds And a Divine garden will bloom! Sow the garden of your soul!  It’s fight or flight. Shed your legs; Grow your wings. Embrace the season; Dismiss the reason. Fly along the path of the … More Revelation

Empowered Soul

Don’t strive to be the mountain; Be the strength of the earth. Don’t yearn to be the tree; Be the growth of the roots. Don’t seek to be the sky; Be the flow of the air. Don’t liken yourself to the ocean; Be the pulse of the waves. Don’t pray to be the sun; Be … More Empowered Soul


Truth is planted in the soul and cultivated in the heart. It glistens like dew on Spring flowers under the warmth of a morning sun, and tastes like nectar from soft, sweet petals of wildflowers in bloom.


She Lives in harmony with spirit, Connects authentically with family and friends, And Inspires others. She Is in a meaningful and prosperous career, Attracts unlimited wealth and abundance, And grows spiritually and intellectually. She Radiates love, Is in a healthy relationship, And has a healthy body She Lives a balanced life, Is success, And shares … More She


The saddest thing I’ve ever seen Was a songless bird with a broken wing. She could not fly So she would not sing; An abandoned voice And a bereft wing. How forlorn that bird Consumed by fright; Adrift was her song And stalled her flight. A strayed sojourn, And frittered path; Abated of joy In … More Birdsong