When your thoughts are too heavy, Pendants of stone are worn. Your gait is uneven From the heaviness born. Unpack your pebbles, Release fear and doubt. Plant new seeds, Make room for love to sprout. You can’t dig for treasure With hands gripped so tight; Let go of illusion, And welcome your birthright. You are … More Geode


The leaves on the tree, They dance in the breeze; While the salty waves kiss The shore with such each ease. The morning sun dawns, While the little bird sings; The waxing moon glows Casting light on owl wings. Ephemeral illusions Are all the eyes see; Yet, the lovely within me Shines in perpetuity. Such … More Lovely

Love’s Journey

Love is not the destination. It’s the feel of the warm sand On bare feet As they meet the softened edge of the sea. Love is not the heart. It’s the river of red Flowing and pulsing through veins Creating rhythm In the chest. Love is not the flower. It’s the scent of the petals … More Love’s Journey

Seeking Dawn

When the blanket of night heavies the heart surrender to the abundance of weight, lie with the darkness, and look to the stars. For the blessing of obscurity beckons the call of light, inviting all, to rise with the sun.


Through the soft mist of sea Again, you appear, Haunting my thoughts And threatening attack Upon the shores of my dreams. When first you arrived Upon an oak boarded ship, Boasting your flag of skull and bones; My eye caught only the glimmer Of your chests of gold And treasures to behold. Lost in the … More Pirate

Know Love

If you want to know the flower, Walk barefoot in the garden. If you want to know the wind, Chase a butterfly through the grass. If you want to know the river, Run your palms along the bedrocks. If you want to the know the sun, Gaze upon the moon. And if you want to … More Know Love