In the meadow stands a tree With fanned branches And petite leaves. And in those days, When you were new With pudgy fingers And dirty toes,  The adventure of climbing this tree Called to you. You answered. And with each tug at the bark,  You pulled yourself up to the heights of heaven that can … More Tree


Be as you are Live and expand; Love and be loved Honor woman and man. Live by the sun Feel by the moon; Shine like a star Emerge from cocoon. I am that I am I am is to be; The light and the glory Find light and be free. One body of wonder Many … More One


Be firm in your step, But light on your feet. Stay rooted and grounded, Yet, don’t sink too deep. Reach for blue skies, Plant your feet in the sand. Seek and create, New ways to expand. Dream of the future, But live for today. Follow your path, Your heart knows the way.

Travels on a Path

I traveled far to find you; I walked a thousand steps and returned with blisters on my feet. I traveled far to hear you speak; I climbed the tallest mountain and returned with ruptured eardrums. I traveled far to see your face; I swam across the sea and returned blinded by sea water. I traveled … More Travels on a Path


Nemesis, in your darkness I found bliss And danced to the sound Of destiny’s beat When soul mates meet, And the ties of fate are bound. My nemesis, You stole that kiss Then walked me down a path, Paved with tattered thorns Of roses worn By your beauties bathed in wrath. Pearls tossed to swine … More Nemesis


Your genius relies on your creativity; Your creativity relies on your imagination; Your imagination relies on your open mind; Your open mind relies on your open heart; Your open heart relies on the light of your soul; The light of your soul relies on the truth of your spirit. In your truth, wisdom is revealed.

Acts of Love

Love is not the kiss, It is the parting of the lips Welcoming the sweet breath of life Into your lover’s soul. Love is not the embrace. It is the space you create When two bodies meet With the chemistry and heat Of Divine Energy. Love is not the holding of hands, It is the … More Acts of Love