The Secret of the Butterfly

Dancing with the wind
To the tune of a whistling breeze
Darting through garden flowers
With the greatest of ease.

What is her secret?
How did she know,
That from a caterpillar
Into a butterfly she would grow?

It was the faith that her footsteps
Were not taken in vain,
That one day a miracle
Would come from the pain.

It was the hope of tomorrow,
The promise from above,
That one day the anger
Would grow into love.

It was the patience of change
In the silent cocoon,
That she realized her reward
Would be coming quite soon.

It was seeing her beauty
In the midst of the war,
Gaining strength from within
Shedding heavy armor.

The butterfly had faith, hope and love
But most important of all,
She prayed then she listened
And answered her call.

Then she opened her heart,
She sought and she found
Before earning her wings
She had to root to the ground.

Now she flutters and whirls
With this secret Divine,
To grow wings of love
Simply seek and you’ll find.


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