Spirit Child

Child, you are made
of beautiful things;
You are the light of star glow
Mixed with butterfly wings.

You are breath of gentle wind
So unique in form;
You can dance with the breeze
And find rest in the storm.

You are filled with beauty,
And stronger than you know;
You are the root of the tree
And the branches that grow.

Your soul shines bright
Like the rays of the sun;
You are cradled in warmth
Oh, delicate one!

Your heart speaks in pulses,
With emotions that swoon;
It waxes and wanes
Like the cycles of moon.

Your skin is the landscape,
For a beautiful view;
And your spine is the axis
Of the world that is you.

You are a child of Spirit
Expanding in love;
You are an angel in hiding
Sent from above.


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