A revelation is a revolution of the mind.
Behold what’s inside;
Seek and you’ll find.
Start planting seeds and pulling weeds
And a Divine garden will bloom!
Sow the garden of your soul! 

It’s fight or flight.
Shed your legs;
Grow your wings.
Embrace the season;
Dismiss the reason.
Fly along the path of the sun!

In the dark
Seek the moon,
See the pale light grow.
A reflection of light;
A revelation of love;
A reminder of consciousness illuminates from above.
Trust your intuition!

Moments woven like twine
Revolve the spool of time.
Golden threads emerge;
Doubts will purge.
Endear with the ears,
Imbibe with the eyes,
Idle hands begin weaving.
Let your destiny rise!

Your body is dust,
But inside rests a star.
Like a beacon of light; a diamond from coal,
A light shines eternal from your beautiful soul.
In the heart of the vessel of limbs to expire,
The light of your soul propels love’s desire.
Shine your light!

Revel in elation
at your revelation.
Look up to the sky,
Grasp the tether to heaven.
Give salutations and thanks;
Meditate and pray;
Ignite your light.
Explore each new day!

Intention and mantra- these words incite birth.
Like a karmic verse,
Emitting holy sounds
Into the universe.
Transcending perception;
Contesting rejection.
Resist the slumber of the soul!

The mind is a bind;
Blind leading the blind.
Remove the spear from your eye,
And the thorn from your side.
Drink from love’s well
And all will be well
Go forth and foretell.
Share your revelations!


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