Nemesis, in your darkness
I found bliss
And danced to the sound
Of destiny’s beat
When soul mates meet,
And the ties of fate are bound.

My nemesis,
You stole that kiss
Then walked me down a path,
Paved with tattered thorns
Of roses worn
By your beauties bathed in wrath.

Pearls tossed to swine
Stained from rotten wine,
Pink bubbles cast to sea;
A crimson tide
Where those dreams reside
That were never meant to be.

For passion made
Me a lovesick slave,
And a warrior I ceased to be;
Craving instead
The crumbs of your bread
Instead of fine wine promised to me.

Now, standing tall
I refuse to fall
And gash my knees upon the rocks;
Though my feet might ache
And my heart might break,
My will is as strong as the Ox.

A hero was born
On that day of scorn
When my soul mate lifted the veil;
For, from dark comes light
And the soul takes flight
When Heaven is tempted by Hell.

Oh, Nemesis
Through this emptiness
I have found that which makes me whole;
Transforming Raven to Dove,
My fear became love
Releasing an army of light from my soul.



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