Love’s Journey

Love is not the destination.
It’s the feel of the warm sand
On bare feet
As they meet
the softened edge of the sea.

Love is not the heart.
It’s the river of red
Flowing and pulsing through veins
Creating rhythm
In the chest.

Love is not the flower.
It’s the scent of the petals
upon the nose
And the sweetness of the nectar
in the mouth of the honeybee.

Love is not the kiss.
It’s the parting
and the pressing of the lips
Welcoming the sweet breath of life
Into another’s soul.

Love is not the embrace.
It resides in the space
Where two bodies meet
With the chemistry and heat
Of Divine Energy.

Love is not the holding of hands.
It is the connection of heart, soul, and mind
As fingers intertwine
Like foliage on the vine
Of God’s grace.

Love is not a concept.
It is an experience
Born of the Spirit
Lived through body
And felt with the heart.


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