The saddest thing
I’ve ever seen
Was a songless bird
with a broken wing.

She could not fly
So she would not sing;
An abandoned voice
And a bereft wing.

How forlorn that bird
Consumed by fright;
Adrift was her song
And stalled her flight.

A strayed sojourn,
And frittered path;
Abated of joy
In the dark aftermath.

I stared at that bird
As it’s head hit the ground;
Two hearts beating in tandem,
Though not making a sound.

She came into my hands
And not begging a pardon
I carried her there
To the wildflower’s garden.

I thought of my battles
And, of my broken wing;
I realized I, too,
Had forgotten to sing.

How sad we both were,
With no song; filled with fright.
We’d forgotten that dark
Ever beckons the light.

That bird is no more
Yet, she’s spirit and might;
For she taught me that song
Is the sake of my flight.

With faith, hope, and love
My wing will repair;
A divine is light shining
on the song of my prayer.

Now, the sweetest thing
I’ve ever seen
Is that broken bird
And her foment to sing.


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