In the meadow stands a tree With fanned branches And petite leaves. And in those days, When you were new With pudgy fingers And dirty toes,  The adventure of climbing this tree Called to you. You answered. And with each tug at the bark,  You pulled yourself up to the heights of heaven that can … More Tree


When his edges are rough but the eyes speak of a softness that only the pureness of love can create, You know. When you hear his voice and close your eyes so you can sit in the garden of his words, You know. When the space between you creates the sparks that light the night … More Know


Take me back To that tender space, Of unbridled expectations Like a seed To a sprout Bursting from moist earth Into an unknown sky. Where all was right and all was good in the memory of of all that was had. I hold the memory dear like a photo in time capturing the moment in … More Memory

Return to Love

Two lovers walking; A farewell bade. One seeks the sun, the other shade. Once fingers laced, now parted hands, are taking paths toward different lands. These parting hearts feel bittersweet, for fate has reserved a future meet.

Spirit Child

Child, you are made of beautiful things; You are the light of star glow Mixed with butterfly wings. You are breath of gentle wind So unique in form; You can dance with the breeze And find rest in the storm. You are filled with beauty, And stronger than you know; You are the root of … More Spirit Child


Like sunlight at dawn I rise with the day; A pure beam of light Piercing dark with my ray. I am light! I am love! I’m of heaven and earth; My spirited soul Is a gold mine of worth. My eyes are the window, My heart is the door; My spirit shines forth Reflecting all … More Beam

The River Flowed

The river flowed So sweetly Along the riverbed That I tiptoed Along the soft grass Of the bank Losing myself To the rhythm of Trickling water. I laughed as the rocks Split the water And the fish Frolicked in a clear stream. I ran my fingers Along the seem of The water’s edge And placed … More The River Flowed


You are the light of the sun On the face of the moon; You shine in the sky Like a sun at high noon. Still, your dark can’t be hidden It bares such bountiful side; Like a full moon that’s rising Pulling high and low tide. The yin and the yang, Like a man and … More ENSO


A revelation is a revolution of the mind. Behold what’s inside; Seek and you’ll find. Start planting seeds and pulling weeds And a Divine garden will bloom! Sow the garden of your soul!  It’s fight or flight. Shed your legs; Grow your wings. Embrace the season; Dismiss the reason. Fly along the path of the … More Revelation